A Growing Interest in Investing in Kozarska Dubica

kozarska_Dubica_promenadeSheik Mohamed bin Saqr bin Mohammad Al Qassimi from the UAE visited municipality Kozarska Dubica last weekend, where he spoke with representative in the RS National Assembly Darko Banjac and the Mayor Milo Zlojutro on the possibilities to invest in this municipality.

Sheik Al Qassimi, who earlier had the position of Minister in his country, pointed out that the reason for his visit was to consider opportunities for investment and benefits for investors who want to invest in BIH.

“Every investor expects for the security of funds that are invested and security when it comes to the law, so that the law does not change to the detriment of investors’’, said Al Qassimi.

The Ambassador of BiH to the UAE Aleksandar Dragičević also visited the municipality. He recalled that this is the first time that someone from the UAE visited the RS, and said that he was confident that things after this visit would become clearer and that it would arrive at a concrete implementation of the project.

“The idea that emerged a few months ago for Kozarska Dubica to use its diplomatic network for its presentation has been fruitful. The Sheik has shown interest for the agricultural capacity and tourism’’, said Banjac.

He noted that the representatives of the municipality are aware of the negative effects of the economic crisis and that the majority of investors from the EU are withdrawing their capital, meaning that they do not want to invest in BIH.

He also recalled that investors from the Middle East have some funds and that they could solve financial problems without much difficulty, and that in Kozarska Dubica a huge demand of capital from that part of the world has been recognized.

“If this visit produces concrete results, meaning that there is eventually investment in this area, the amount would be several tens of millions of euros. This would open this municipality to the market of the Middle East. It would give it economic stimulus and create employment’’, said Banjac.

The Mayor of the municipality Mile Zlojutro expressed his satisfaction with the visit and said that this municipality has potential for the development of the economy, and the capacity to produce healthy food, fruits and vegetables, as well as tourism.

Al Qassimi visited the company “Unaplod” and “Nova Mehanika”, and participated in the presentation of the municipality prepared by Danijel Marjanović, the Director of the Local Development Agency, and the presentation of the company for processing cotton “Dubicotton”.

(Source: Fena)

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