A Model Tomorrow For Implementation of “Sejdić-Finci”

The President of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) 1990 Božo Ljubić said that tomorrow’s meeting of the ‘four’ will focus on the agreement on choosing a model for implementing the “Sejdić-Finci” ruling.

“I expect that tomorrow we will take a step forward, given that the principles for the implementation of the ruling have been set and its very essence and agreement at the level of the ‘four’, said Ljubić to journalists today in Sarajevo.

According to him, based on that model party experts should turn the agreements of four political parties that constitute the majority in the FBiH into amendments.

He added that the Croatian block has three models, but he did not want to delve into details, except that the models respect the essence of the decision, as well as the equality of the constituent peoples and election of their representatives in the BiH Presidency and House of Peoples.

Regarding the executive authorities in the FBiH, Ljubić said that it is not the responsibility of the ‘four’ any longer, because now there is a clear parliamentary majority that is ready to take responsibility for a vote of no confidence to the government entity.

Leaders of the party of the new parliamentary majority in the FBiH (SDP, HDZ, HDZ 1990, and the Alliance for a Better Future) will speak in Sarajevo on the implementation of the decision in “Sejdić-Finci” and the executive authority in this entity.

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