Dodik: to celebrate Day of Republika Srpska when Serbia’s Statehood Day is

The Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Milorad Dodik, will support the idea that the Day of the Republika Srpska, instead of January 9, be celebrated on February 15, when Serbia also celebrates its Statehood Day.

Dodik said that in RS “there are more and more initiatives for January 9 to remain the baptismal feast of RS”.

“We will mark it,” Dodik told Sputnik.

Dodik emphasized that no one can forbid him to go to church that day and participate in the service in prayer for the Republika Srpska. He indicated that he would talk to his partners in RS and enable the issue to be resolved.

“If they (Bosniaks) are injured, so it can’t be on January 9, will February 15 bother them?” It is the day of the First Serbian Uprising, and we in the Republika Srpska are also Serbs, “Dodik said.

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