About 15 thousand Guests are currently staying in Neum, all Accommodation Capacities are filled

Around 15.000 guests, mostly locals and from the diaspora, are currently resting in Neum, and there are also guests from the region, as Mayor of Neum, Dragan Jurković told for agency FENA, emphasizing that all accommodation capacities in this city on the sea in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) are fully filled.

“Currently, there are about 15.000 people in Neum, although it is difficult to give accurate data and figures at the moment,” told Jurkovic, adding that the start of the season was like never before and that the season had never started this early.

According to him, there was a small stagnation in early July, but at the end of last week, a large number of tourists arrived in Neum.

“Unlike previous years, we had an earlier start to the season. When it comes to the capacity occupancy, it ranged from 60 to 80 percent by mid-July, and now it’s up to 100 percent,” the Neum Mayor stated.

When asked for how much it increased compared to the pastyear, and how much less compared to 2019, he said that, when you look at the peak of the season, there are not many differences for 2019 or last year.

“If we look at this period from mid-July, I believe the occupancy in Neum is always the same. The maximum occupancy is in that central part of the tourist season, and there I think there is not much difference either from 2019 or from last year,” he pointed out.

He noted that the statistical data will be analyzed at the end of the tourist season when it will be known exactly how many overnight stays were realized.

As for the guests, he explained that mostly domestic guests and the diaspora rest in Neum, but that there are also guests from ourregion.

“There are guests from the region, even though not to the extent that it was last year. We learn from our hoteliers that a large number of guests from Serbia returned to Neum this summer as well,” said Jurkovic.

When asked how many guests stay in Neum on average and whether there are more of them in hotels or private accommodation, he emphasized that currently, there are guests staying in Neum for several days and that this is now the period when both private accommodation and hotels are full.

He mentioned that by mid-July, private accommodation was more crowded, but that hotels were not too far behind either.

According to the Neum Mayor, the pre-season and post-season are quite endangered by the epidemic, and then, as he said, the situation with the coronavirus dictates everything.

“It is certain that the whole situation with the coronavirus will affect the season in Neum, as well as in the whole world, and that it cannot be a ‘normal’ season like 2019. However, we think that Neum will still achieve good results after this tourist season,” Jurkovic concluded, writes.


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