Accommodation in the Retirement Home in Banja Luka will be cheaper

Governing board of Public Institution ”Dom Penzionera” (Retirement Home) in Banjaluka has decided to offer cheaper accommodation to parents of dead veterans and war invalids of first category, and ”Dom penzionera” will offer 20 beds in stationary part of the institution.

”Dom penzionera”(Retirement Home) will give 20 beds to parents of dead war veterans for the price 600 BAM, and 750 BAM to people with disability.

At last month’s meeting with the representatives of Veterans organization and the Organization of families of captured, killed and missing soldiers and civilians of the RS, it was agreed that competent organizations, in cooperation with the administration of ”Dom penzionera”(Retirement Home), respecting the mandatory admission procedure, should make the list of candidates for the right accommodation.

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