Acting Chief Prosecutor of the BiH Prosecutor’s Office met with EUROJUST Delegation

The central topic of the meeting was the activities of BiH in terms of its approaching EUROJUST structures in particular in the segment of data protection.

Acting Chief Prosecutor of the BiH Prosecutor’s Office, Gordana Tadić, together with Prosecutors tasked with data protection and co-operation with EUROJUST, Mersudin Pružan and Milanko Kajganić, met with the Data Protection Officer and Head of the Data Protection Service at EUROJUST, Diana Alonso Blas, as well as with Malči Gabrijelčić, an expert of the IPA 2017 “Fight against serious crime in the Western Balkans”.

Ongoing activities of Bosnia and Herzegovina on approaching EUROJUST structures, with a particular focus on EU standards in data protection in cooperation with EUROJUST and in international legal assistance, as well as the activities of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH in this segment were discussed at the meeting.

EUROJUST official commended the strengthening of the cooperation between the BiH Prosecutor’s Office and the Personal Data Protection Agency in BiH, as well as other BiH institutions in charge of the activities related to concluding an agreement with EUROJUST.



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