After House of Representatives, Today Review of No-Confidence in FBiH House of Peoples

The initiative for a vote of no-confidence in the FBiH was announced today at a special session of the FBiH House of Peoples in Sarajevo.

Most of the Bosniak delegates initiated it due to the issue of protecting vital national interests, announced from the SDA party that supports the government.

The House of Representatives at the special session already demonstrated mistrust of the government on 12 February with 58 votes from the parties that make up the parliamentary majority. 26 delegates voted against, and 6 abstained.

The SDA said yesterday that it would launch a constitutional procedure for the annulment of the decision of the House. The reason is that the session from 12 February was not convened in accordance with the rules because the mandatory thirty day period for the previous argument of the government itself of the initiative for its revocation.

The initiative for no-confidence was begun by 4 parties that currently make up the majority in the FBiH Parliament-Social Democratic Party BiH, Alliance for Better Future BiH, Croatian Democratic Union BiH and Croatian Democratic Union 1990.

As the main reason they claimed the current government does not have parliamentary majority in the Parliament.

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