Alkalaj: BiH is contributing to the United Nations in combating Violent Extremism


The Permanent Representative of Bosnia-Herzegovina to the United Nations in New York, Ambassador Sven Alkalaj, who assumed the post last year, said in an interview with Dnevni Avaz that the BiH Mission to the UN is actively involved in the work of this organization and its bodies.

Alkalaj also commented on the latest crisis between Iran and the United States and stressed that it was good that tensions had calmed down, which he said was also welcomed at the UN.

“Certainly, the UN Secretary-General welcomed the calm of the situation and expressed his desire to de-escalate the conflict that has arisen. If there are any activities at the UN in this regard, it will certainly be a topic of the Security Council and I do not believe that it will be on the agenda of the General Assembly since the situation is going to calm down,” said Alkalaj, reminding that BiH does not have a permanent place in the UN Security Council.

Ambassador Alkalaj said that our country’s commitment to the EU and NATO integration was important and that it had the support of UN members.

“I think that the submission of the Reform Program is well received in the Member States, which means the continuation of the path to NATO, and we hope that BiH will be an active partner of NATO in the coming period and make significant progress towards this alliance,” said Alkalaj.

He reiterated the importance of BiH’s contribution to the United Nations in combating violent extremism and hate speech.

“We supported all coalition activities in the fight against terrorism and contributed to the resolutions adopted in the fight against terrorism in the UN General Assembly and other committees. We strive to play a constructive role here, and given that terrorism is an evil that knows no borders, in this sense BiH can contribute and make efforts to always improve international cooperation in this field,” concludes Alkalaj.

With regard to BiH’s European path, Alkalaj says the BiH Mission to the UN in New York will soon have a meeting with representatives of the Croatian Mission to the organization.


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