Several Hundred Residents of Bihac protested because of the Situation with Migrants


Several hundred residents of the city of Bihac gathered to protest and express their dissatisfaction with the situation with migrants in this city outside the Bira temporary reception center.

They demand the closure of this temporary center, the relocation of migrants outside the urban metropolitan area and maximum protection of the city’s residents.

“We repeat that we do not protest against these people, but simply ask our own country for help and protection.

Everyone is talking about the rights of illegal migrants, and no one is talking about us and our rights. Our children are no longer safe even in their own backyards and that is why we are now explicitly seeking an adequate response from the state and the European Union. Residents of the settlements around Bira cannot endure this situation any longer,” resident Jasmin Halilagic said.

Concerns were particularly expressed about the safety and health situation in the city itself, Federal News Agency reported.

(Photo: Oslobodenje)

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