Almir Memic reached the Bottom, but he got a Chance to rebuild his Life with the help of good People

There are very few people who got a second chance to start their life from the beginning. Almir Memic (37) from Sarajevo is one of them. He reached the rock bottom, he was completely alone and abandoned, dying, but he got a chance to rebuild his life with the help of good people and a team of medical staff from the University Clinical Center of Sarajevo.

Hard life led him to this situation. He was left on the street ever since his childhood. After being in jail for four years, he returned to the street again. His father died, he has no mother. He lost his health insurance and did not have his ID card because he did not have the money for it. He lived without any documents for three years.

When the Ambulance brought him, the nurses and doctors joined together, found some clothes, fed him, gave him a bath, and took care of him as he was their closest relative. Graduate social worker Emira Demirovic has been informed about Memic’s case from the very first day.

“The strength of a whole society is most visible in the way you help to its weakest link, and he was the weakest link. We offered him hand and did our job. There are hundreds and thousands of patients like him, and these hardworking people are doing the job that is worth living for,” said Prof. Dr. Ismet Gavrankapetanovic.

Chief Emina Omerhodzic said that her nurses gave their maximum to bring him to this state. Some of them brought some clothes from their own houses, some t-shirts, pajamas and everything needed for him to feel normal again.

Memic should be released from the hospital soon, after which he will go to rehabilitation at one of the institutions. After that, he has the opportunity to rebuild his life once again and to be a happy man.

“I got my second chance. That means a lot to me, and this time I will be smart and use it well because there is no other option,” stated Memic.

(Source: M. N./Klix.ba)


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