What are the Alternatives in case that BiH does not enter the EU?

Regardless of how many times certain state officials reiterate that they are committed to EU integrations and principles of that community, bureaucrats in the EU can just say that these countries will never be in the same team with them, as noted by Prof. Zlatko Hadzidedic, an expert for international relations.

The European Commission recently published the information that certain Balkan countries could join the EU by the year of 2025. However, Serbia and Montenegro are the only real candidates at the moment. Formally speaking, doors of the EU are also open to Albania, BiH, Kosovo and Macedonia, but there are no exact timeframes for them to join the EU community.

“There is no perspective for EU membership of Albania, BiH, Kosovo and Macedonia and there was no clear explanation why they are less valuable than Montenegro and Serbia, considering the fact that these two countries are just as poor and lacking democracy as the other four aforementioned countries. This type of rejection by the EU can force the state to start considering some other geopolitical alternatives. People, intellectuals and political elites in BiH must understand that Brussels is not the only option available on the table. There are also many other geopolitical centers whose interests might be the same as the interests of BiH,” stated Hadzidedic.

He also noted that BiH must have foreign policy that is focused on several options and more geopolitical centers.

“Brussels can still be one of these centers, but we also have to take Washington, Moscow, Beijing, Ankara, Tehran and others into consideration. Politics that will repeat our dedication to EU integrations, without any alternatives, is not really good politics,” stated Hadzidedic.

He especially stated that some BH politicians are deceiving their citizens, since they are constantly retreating that they are committed to EU integrations, but some of them are realizing strategies that are keeping our country away from EU membership.

“This shows that populist ideologies that exclude all “others” continue to triumph in Europe,” concluded Prof. Hadzidedic.



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