Alumina will launch a thousand Tons of Zeolite for the USA

Alumina Zvornik aluminazv.baDuring this year, the company “Alumina” will launch nearly 1,000 tons of zeolite on the market of the United States of America.

In the Marketing sector of the largest factory in Zvornik it was said that trial amounts of zeolite for molecular sieves were sent last year to the American market and that, after certain period of time and all procedures regarding control of quality and application of this product, zeolite with “Alumina” mark satisfied the requests of the American buyer.

“Alumina” hopes that sales quantities on the American market will increase next year.

“We expect new buyers, and also to establish regular supply of the American companies with zeolite, with whom we will continuously cooperate in the coming period”, it was said at the factory.

Presence of the factory on the US market is another confirmation of the reputation that “Alumina” has on foreign markets, as one of the largest world producers of zeolite which has applications in various industries.

The Marketing sector of “Alumina” explains that the factory from Zvornik, where the zeolite for detergent industry has been produced for more than three decades, nowadays works with leading partners, both in the section of zeolite for detergents and for molecular sieves.

“Alumina” is almost a hundred percent exporter and it places it products to more than 20 European countries and the markets of Russia and the Middle East.


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