Amel Tuka: I’m glad if I am the Initiator for Change in BH Sport

Amel Tuka with Zvizdic uskinfo.baA formal reception for Amel Tuka, the bronze medal winner at the recent World Athletic Championships, was organized yesterday by the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of B&H Denis Zvizdic and the Minister of Civil Affairs of B&H Adil Osmanovic.

The Chairman of the Council of Ministers of B&H Denis Zvizdic said that this reception was organized, above all, in order to congratulate to Amel on his personal success which is of extreme significance for both the BH sport and the entire country.

“This success awakens the hope that athletic, as well as all other sports, will come back to the European and world stage. Tuka conveyed to us his impressions not only from the World Championships, but from other competitions as well”, said Zvizdic.

Besides Tuka, yesterday’s reception was also attended by the president of the Athletic Federation of B&H Suad Kaknjo, therefore it was also discussed at the meeting about the ways and modalities to help the BH sport and provide it with stable funding.

“It is necessary to provide systematic and stable funding not only of the Athletic, but of other Federations as well, in order for them to timely plan the preparations and participation at important competitions”, Zvizdic said.

Tuka expressed gratitude for yesterday’s reception, and he said he is especially happy to see some things changing in the BH sport also.

“I think the BH sport deserves those changes, and I am happy to be one of those who initiated the changes. Top sports results that some national teams achieved are a call to change that situation, because our youth deserves that. We, who are the role models for the young, should be good ambassadors of our homeland, and they should look up to us, follow our path, fight and love their homeland. However, when a top result is achieved, they should know what they’re entitled to”, said Tuka.

The Minister of Civil Affairs Adil Osmanovic announced commitment to the reform of the Law on Sports of B&H in order to regulate this issue at the state level and provide larger means for the funding of the BH sports. Moreover, Osmanovic also announced commitment to the intention to allocate more financial means in the budget of B&H for 2016 and the following year for the funding of sportsmen, in order for such results that Tuka achieved to become more often.

“With their achievements, our athletes are demonstrating to us that we must follow them in that direction, and that primarily the Council of Ministers and the State of B&H must make a step forward in that field”, Osmanovic said.

The president of the Athletic Federation of B&H Suad Kaknjo said that the discussion was constructive and that a will exists to make changes in the situation of the BH sports.

(Source: photo uskinfo)

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