American-Bosnian foundation made promotional video of BiH (video)

Kravice Waterfalls BiHPromotional video of the tourist potentials of BiH, made with the support of America-Bosnia Foundation (ABF), after a successful presentation in Washington, will be presented on the websites of the social media partners in Algeria, Tunisia, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, Albania and BiH.

Promotional video compilation of attractive locations of Bosnian cultural heritage “Walk through the centuries in BiH” has attracted a lot of attention after being displayed at SAIS Transatlantic Economic Forum in 2016 at Johns Hopkins University in Washington. On that occasion, visitors were “fascinated by the locations they saw,” was announced in the statement. Regarding the interest shown, after being shown at the Center for Transatlantic Relations at SAIS, this promotional video will be available on the website and social media partners in Algeria, Tunisia, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, Albania and BiH.

This is only the beginning of the activities for the promotion of tourism, which will be continued in the following year, with the support and cooperation with interested partners who will contribute to the positioning of BiH as a new and attractive tourist destination, was announced from the American-Bosnian foundation.

“In cooperation with the” S Tours “, we are currently developing a business plan for a wider offer for foreign tourists and we believe that we will contribute to the development of the tourism industry in BiH. Moreover, Canton Sarajevo gives us a lot of support in the work, and we are planning a special promotion of the Canton, the same promotion that we have offered to all other interested relevant institutions,” was said in the statement.

One of the things that they emphasize in the Foundation is that BiH is beautiful, but very often neglected state.

“Although we are part of the wider Mediterranean region, we are not active enough in the market. Unfortunately, even today, the first association on the mention of Bosnia and Herzegovina, immediately relates to war and poverty. We want to actively work for this perception to be changed. Our country is truly an undiscovered gem that is a combination of great natural beauty, resources, rich cultural and historical heritage. This amazing combination of different religions, cultures, traditions and people created a country with a truly unique background. The cultural heritage of BiH can be seen in every corner of the city that combines a number of different architectural styles, the sounds of church bells, ezan-calling for Islamic prayer, traffic jams and laughter, in the tombstones, fortresses, silent witnesses of past times that persist despite the weather…. The cultural heritage of BiH represents a tourist attraction that is worth of promotion, “said Dejan Radmilović, author of promotional video and project manager of America-Bosnia Foundation.

The video can be seen here.

(Source: klix)


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