An Opportunity for BH Furniture Manufacturers: “Machalke“ from Germany offeres Cooperation

Machalke Germany

The leading German manufacturer of luxury furniture, Machalke, which recently operates within the Prevent Group, invites all BH companies from the furniture industry to contact the Prevent Group in order to achieve the cooperation.

“The wood processing industry is one of rare industries in B&H that achieves trade surplus and an increase in export every year. Therefore, we are convinced that, already known comparative benefits of B&H, as the furniture manufacturing market, can be just strengthened and directed towards the further added value in final products, Prevent Group and Machalke offer a platform for the completion of these strategic goals”, emphasized Hubertus Klaes, director of the furniture division in the Prevent Group.

The mentioned call offers a significant opportunity for the furniture industry in B&H because it enables the engagement of BH capacities, diversification of the market and the creation of workplaces.

Prevent Group operates in 20 locations around the world and employs more than 12.000 employees in the automotive, textile, leather, fashion, furniture and protective garments industry.

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