Analysis: Can SBB survive without the Founder?

12789634_1733077493595594_1158711157_oFahrudin Radoncic, the founder and president of the Alliance for a Better Future (SBB) is under house arrest, which largely makes difficult functioning of the ruling coalition SDA- SBB- HDZ, and complicates already complex political processes in BiH.

Radoncic, due to the imposed prohibitive measures in the judicial process that is carried out against him, cannot normally meet with the coalition partners, go to meetings or to participate in social and political life.

The situation could get even more complicated when the trial for Radoncic and his associates Bakir Dautbasic and Bilsena Sahman starts before the Court, especially if the final judgment is negative for the leader of the second strongest Bosniak party.

Who would, in that case, inherit Radoncic, who in SBB has the capacity to take the lead in the party? Is it a vice president Mirsad Djonlagic, who formally led SBB in the days that Radoncic spent in detention? Or could Radoncic appoint one of the two men in which he has the biggest confidence – his son in law -Fehim Skaljic or Munib Jusufovic, who is considered to be one of the closest associates of President of SBB BiH although he is no longer the Secretary General.

Certain contradictory statements that he gave in a few days that he lived as a “first in SBB”, showed that, despite a rich life experience, Djonlagic does not have political experience for the independent leading of the party. On the other hand, Skaljic is not even close showing kind of energy that Radoncic has, while Jusufovic, who is also recognized by many as a member of the Party for BiH, is not likely to impose the necessary authority.

Radoncic’s long absence would probably open appetites and awakened hope within some other members of his party, but it is certain that in this case would follow fierce inter-party fight.

Impressible detail happened on organized welcome for Fahrudin Radoncic in Avaz Twist Tower after he was released from prison and arrived in house arrest. After a short celebration, Radoncic headed into his room and in the elevator with him were only Skaljic and Jusufovic. Why Djonlagic was not in the elevator, remains unknown. Is “avoiding” of party’s vice president just a coincidence in this case?

(Source: F.R./Faktor.ba)

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