Analysis: usage of Water in Households in BiH

In 2017, there were 331.550.000 m3 of the total volume of abstracted water, which was 1,6% higher than year ago. From abstracted water quantity, 47,4% of water was abstracted from the ground sources, 35,0% from springs, 14,6% from the watercourses, 0,8% from reservoirs and 1,2% from lakes.

The total quantity of water taken over from other water systems increased for 1,0% compared to year ago.

In 2017, the total volume of water distributed from the public water supply amounted to 1,9% more then year ago. In the structure of water consumption, the greatest consumer were households, consuming 76,1% of the total volume of distributed water. Water losses in 2017 decreased 0,1% compared to year ago.

In 2017, the total quantity of wastewater decreased 5,6% than in the previous year. The total amount of treated wastewater in 2017 decreased by 13,3% compared to the previous year. The quantity of untreated water wastewater is 0,4% higher than a previous year. Discharged wastewaters were mostly into watercourses (60,3% of untreated and 39,7% of treated ones).

In 2017 the sewage network was 4.604 km long, which was by 0,5% more than in the previous year. The estimated quantity of generated municipal waste in 2016 is 1.235.449 tons, i.e. 353 kg per capita annually, or 0,97 kg per capita per day.

In 2017, public transportation collected 914.232 tons of municipal solid waste, which is 0,1% less than previous year.

In the total amount of collected waste, mixed municipal waste accounts for 90,8%, separately collected waste 4,2%, waste from gardens and parks 2,9% and packaging waste with 2,1%.

In 2017 at landfills 914.232 tons of waste was disposed, which is 0,1% less than previous year.

(Source: BiH Agency for Statistics)

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