Analysis: What is the International Community’s Solution for BiH?

The European Union (EU) does not know how to solve Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH) political problem and wanders a lot in search of a solution. The EU does not even have the courage to defend the values it has planted in its foundations, so it is producing even greater mistrust in its attempts to satisfy all sides.

BiH has been in the biggest political crisis for months in two decades since the former High Representative (HR) imposed amendments to the Criminal Code banning genocide denial and glorification of war crimes. This move by Valentin Inzko, although welcomed by many, seems to have been done with a lump in the throat, which is now coming to the fore with the increasingly highlighted story of the need to withdraw such a law.

At the same time, while the government of Republika Srpska(RS), led by SNSD Milorad Dodik, is actively working on passing laws that create para institutions and actively announce withdrawal from the institutions of BiH, the state is under the imperative to change the Election Law. In other words, while some are collapsing the state, others are being asked to agree to rapid changes to the most important law in our state.

Seeking a Solomonic solution

The international representatives who were sent to find any kind of solution in BiH, even if they just postponed the problem, obviously have no idea how to get out of the BiH political vortex. The only idea that is trying to get through as a Solomonic solution is the attempt of foreigners to give a little to everyone and everything goes away by some temporary solution.

Shortly after the adoption of Inzko’s law a story appeared on the sidelines that Bosniaks had won that law, and that they would have to give in to others on some other issues. It is as if denying genocide is a political issue, not a civilizational one. And here a few months later, such a story becomes a reality. Some European diplomats are trying to calm Milorad Dodik’s political rage by offering him a lifeline on issues such as the adoption of state property laws, where they are likely to try to get the entities to gain some ownership of property such as forests or agricultural land.

On the other hand, the story about the option of withdrawing Inzko’s law and passing a new law in the BiH Parliament, which will cover, apart from genocide, a wider range of issues, was aired. In this regard, there have been recent reports from the RS that the only problem is that HR has imposed a law, but that its content is not controversial. But, in the same parliament, a law banning the denial of genocide was overturned twice, because the problem is much deeper.

The latest statements by Croatian President Zoran Milanovic support the idea of relativizing genocide. Some are trying to mitigate that term and say that there are cases with a greater number of victims, as if one nation declared genocide on their own, ignoring the fact that it is a court ruling.

In the end, as part of the famous Solomonic solution, it is necessary to agree on any changes to the Election Law, where the HDZ will be satisfied, which would give the third constituent people something they stand for. This would camouflage the lack of ideas of EU diplomats, who have largely underestimated the issues in BiH.

Challenges of the EU

Because the EU, multiplex and complex as it is, is a burden foritself, and several rich “heavyweights”, who are focused on gas, a struggle for supremacy after the departure of Angela Merkel, together with enraged right-wingers pay very little real attention to this region. In that context, RS uses traditionally good relations with Hungarians, who are trying to relativize Milorad Dodik’s secessionism and to equate everything in the country as a conflict of three nationalisms.

Therefore, we are witnessing statements from the EU from the relativization of genocide, the message that Dodik is just talking but not implementing anything, and that a compromise should be sought with those who are destroying the state. We are hearing a story about good and valuable Europeans and backward and evil rulers in BiH who need to be appeased by giving something to everyone, even if it means insulting our intelligence.


Source: Klix.ba


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