What Percentage of the Population is vaccinated in Canton Sarajevo?

According to the Bulletin of Vaccination of the Institute of Public Health of the Canton Sarajevo (CS), a total of 174.296 inhabitants have been fully vaccinated to date. Of these, 173.373 people are over the age of 18 which represents 52.19 percent of the population over the age of 18.

These are data collected through the Information System of the CS Health Insurance Institute, on the basis of which a weekly overview of the vaccination status was made.

As mentioned, a total of 286.257 doses were administered in the institutions of the CS.

Most vaccinated people are between the ages of 36 and 45

Of the total number of fully vaccinated, the largest number belongs to the age group of 36-45 years, 33.496 or 19.22 percent, while the smallest number of vaccinated are persons aged 18-25, of whom 12.166 or 6.98 percent were vaccinated.

It was emphasized by the Institute that both doses of the vaccine were given to 923 people under the age of 18, which makes up 0.53 percent of the population.

Third dose

According to the latest data from the CS Public Health Institute, 118 patients are being treated in hospitals for COVID-19 disease. Of this number, 27 were fully vaccinated, representing 22.88 percent of those hospitalized, while 77.12 percent of those in the hospital were unvaccinated.

The Ministry of Health of CS reminds that all adult citizens of CS can receive the third dose of the vaccine at all points in the health centers of CS or at points in shopping malls.

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