Positive Story: Anel Ramic from Brcko helping Victims in Nepal

Anel Ramic NepalNepal was hit with the most devastating earthquake in 80 years on 25th April. Tens of thousands of houses, schools and historical buildings were destroyed, infrastructure was destroyed, and around 8.000 people died. Nepal is now torn by a humanitarian crisis, a lack of food, medicine, clothes… The Nepalese government has sent an appeal for help around the world.

At the time when the country was hit by the earthquake, Anel Ramic from Brcko, who travels the world with his girlfriend Dagna Lewandowski, happened to be in Nepal.

He and Dagna immediately joined a group of young people who were helping victims. They were visiting surrounding villages and helped with clearing the ruins.

“As time passed, other initiatives for voluntary work emerged, and donations for affected villages were collected. We noticed that we helped a lot in the form of manpower, money and other necessities when it came to places we could easily reach from Katmandu. The media and other organizations which visited affected areas showed a lot of interest as well“, said Anel.

(Source: klix.ba)

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