Anniversary of the Discovery of Mass Grave Tihotina marked 

tihotinaFourteenth anniversary of the discovery of the mass grave at the locality of Tihotina was marked yesterday. This mass grave contained remains of the brutally killed Bosniaks from the territory of Bihać settlements Orašac, Kulen Vakuf, Ćukovi and Klisa and from the territory of the Ključ Municipality.

According to Irfan Mujanović, who addressed those present on behalf of the Organization Committee, the natural crack that was made during the exploitation of bauxite was hiding the remains of 53 victims, 51 of whom were identified, for years. Mujanović added that the Organization Committee has launched an initiative to build a martyr memorial at the mass grave, but that the construction never occurred because of administrative issues around the land where the memorial was supposed to be built.

On behalf of the Government of the Una-Sana Canton, the attendees were addressed by the Minister of Finance Salih Dedić. He said that the surviving Bosniaks must never forget the terrors they experienced during the war, especially because of the fact that educational system does not allow younger generations to learn about genocide and aggression on BiH.

This year as well, the sad anniversary ceremony was also attended by representatives of the City of Bihać. During his addressing speech, the Mayor of Bihać Emdžad Galijašević said that the sites of suffering of Bosniaks and Croats at the territory of Bihać must be marked appropriately and stand as a permanent warning that crime must never be forgotten and repeated.

The youngest victim found in the Tihotina pit is Mehmed Šehić from Orašac who was only 17 when he was killed, while the oldest victim was Izet Mujić grom Golubići who was 55 at the time of death. Mass grave Tihotina was discovered by members of the cantonal Ministry of Internal Affairs and members of the National Commission for searching for missing persons in 2002.

(Source: klix.ba)

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