Anniversary of the Massacre in the street Halači on Baščaršija marked

event223 years ago in Halači Street on Baščaršija, the aggressor fired a grenade that killed 8 and seriously wounded 3 residents of Sarajevo, who were standing in line for water.

Representatives of the Government and the Parliamentary Assembly of Sarajevo Canton, the Municipality Stari Grad, City of Sarajevo, the Association of Parents of Children Murdered in Besieged Sarajevo, and families of victims, paid tribute by reciting Fatiha and laying flowers.

On today’s day in 1993 Dženan Aljević, Mahir Ferhatović, Tarik Harba, Esma Muratović, Meliha Muratović – Spahić, Almasa Spahić, Mahira Spahić and Ismet Suljić were killed.

“Trying to survive with canisters in their hands, waiting for water or  bread, people were killed not only here, but also near the Brewery, in Ferhadija, on Markale and this was not an accident,” said Fahira Kalajdžihasanović, the Advisor for Culture of CS.

The words were unnecessary, and the pain infinite. Zilha Šeta, director of Sarajevo’s Stari Grad soup kitchen, still carry in her heart cry and wailing of the children, body parts of her neighbors and relatives torn to pieces right in front of her eyes, and says, “Let us never forget.”

And when it comes to forgetting, the participants of today’s event of marking the 23rd anniversary, said that it is devastating that only few people respond.

“I’m afraid that the memory on those innocently killed as well as the oblivion, are becoming a genetic predisposition of this nation. I think it will not bring anything good, because simply, by not respecting the dead, we are not respecting ourselves either. By forgetting them, we are bringing ourselves in danger to be forgotten as well,” said Zvonko Marić, a member of the Parliamentary Assembly of CS.

Mayor of the Municipality Stari Grad, Ibrahim Hadžibajrić, reminded on war in which there was “normal” for people to be killed as they were staying in lines for water and food, and it is very sad that very few people are coming to remember on those who got killed and that there is very small number of people that are coming to this events, “which is a proof of our awareness and a short memory, and if we forget that, I’m afraid that it will happen again, and unfortunately, when I see how things are going now, I’m afraid that I’m going to be right.”


(Source: klix.ba)

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