Who announced Dodik’s Entrance into the Government?

dodik-izetbegovic-radoncic-i-covic1The leaders of HDZ BiH and SNSD Dragan Čović and Milorad Dodik will meet today in Banja Luka. The topic of the meeting was announced yesterday by Čović – reconstruction of government on the national level, which means the entrance of Dodik’s personnel and the elimination of the Alliance for Changes.

Nothing new has been said because the entrance of SNSD into government on national level is being discussed since the elections in 2014, but the model of how to do this was never actually found.

It is generally known that Čović and Dodik are having great relations, both in private and business field and in political field. Dodik gave his friend a ministerial chair in the Government of RS although HDZ did not achieve any kind of election result in that BiH entity.

The leader of SBB Fahrudin Radončić is also in great relations with both of them. Just like Čović, he also announced changes in the government.

This means the elimination of the Alliance for Changes from the Council of Ministers and the reassignment of all positions held by the staff of the Alliance on national level which are to be replaced with Dodik’s SNSD.

Voting on a set of laws on the increase in excise taxes on fuel, held yesterday in the Parliament of BiH, showed that SNSD, HDZ, SBB and SDA have already worked out a scenario for the entrance of Dodik into the national government.

“Regarding SDA, HDZ and SBB, our attitude is to keep the coalition until the end of this cycle of government, and that will depend on what will happen in the RS,” Radončić said.

(Source: nap.ba)

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