Another Level of Tunnels discovered in Pyramids in Visoko

VisokoThe mysterious Bosnian pyramids in Visoko are revealing their secrets one by one. Researcher Semir Osmanagic discovered the entrance to the second level of underground tunnels, which is locate below the underground labyrinth ‘Ravna’, which has been excavated for years.

Called ‘Ravna 2′, underground tunnels were discovered 20 meters below the current level of the tunnel, and will remain sealed for now due to the upcoming winter. New excavations will take place in the spring, and what will Semir Osmanagic and his team reveal is yet to be seen.

If you ask those who do not believe in the results of research of Bosnian Indiana Jones, who was the first to present the theory of the pyramids in B&H, they will probably not believe in the new discovery, but who knows, maybe there is really valuable site hidden in Visoko as Osmanagic is trying to prove to the world for years.

(Source: hayat.ba)

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