SBB in the Council of Ministers of B&H by the End of November?

agreementPresidents of political parties Dragan Covic (HDZ B&H), Bakir Izetbegovic (SDA) and Fahrudin Radoncic (SBB) agreed on their meeting in Mostar that SBB will enter the Council of Ministers of B&H and cantonal government as a new coalition partner by the end of November.

“It was about time that SBB enters the Council of Ministers of B&H and all cantonal levels as a partner. It seems that due to the complex procedures of appointment in the Council of Ministers we will have to start working on Monday,” said Covic.

Izetbegovic stated that the new coalition can start working from next week on all levels.

Radoncic assessed that the establishment of new cantonal government and the federal government, and now the Council of Ministers, is going by the best dynamics.

“We promised to our citizens that this will not be an ordinary coalition where we will be negotiating, but we will be agreeing and we are fulfilling it in the best and most efficient way possible,” said Radoncic.

(Source: klix.ba)

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