Parking Lot next to the National Theatre to be back in Function soon?

parking lotRepresentatives of local communities and the Ministry of Transport and the Attorney’s Office of the Canton Sarajevo (CS) agreed in principle that the parking lot next to the National Theatre will be put back into operation, at the meeting that was held in the Municipality of Centar Sarajevo.

The Ministry of Transport of CS is invited to support this initiative, or more precisely to give the written consent in order for this area to be put into operation again.

Nedzad Ajnadzic, the Chairman of the Council of the Municipality Centar, said that the executive and legislative authority of the Municipality Centar has an interest to put this area into operation in order to use the raised funds for addressing the vital issues of our citizens.

“While the utility company “Rad” was managing the already mentioned parking lot, annual income amounted to 770.000 BAM, and 6 people were working there. This area is decaying for years, therefore, the Municipal Council Center and the Mayor Becirevic agreed that this site, which is owned by the Municipality Centar, should be put into operation again and the Municipality and Canton will share the revenue,” said Ajnadzic.

Advisor Resic added that the municipality Center has a particular interest to put this area of the former parking lot back into function and make it look worth of capital city.

(Source: klix.ba)

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