Armin Kuduz decided to make Children in Gorazde happy

Armin Kuduz, a man from the city of Gorazde, decided to make his fellow citizens happy, especially the youngest ones. Namely, in order to contribute to the festive decoration of the city, he made a deer in his home workshop and, with the support of the friend working in a local restaurant, he set the deer at the intersection of Zaima Imamovic Street.

“I did not expect people will be this much interested, but I am glad that children are especially delighted, they always come and take photos,” Kuduz told Federal News Agency.

The idea of making a deer of wire, two and a half meters high, came to last year, during New Year’s holidays. He wanted to make a deer by himself.

“Up until that day, the city seemed humble when it comes to decorations and I wanted to fix it at least a little. I was inspired by children, especially my daughter because the children are mostly happy about it. I went out and bought the material, some 150 to 200 meters of wire, the cloth and the lamps I installed. Making the deer lasted for four days, and then we set it in the city at the crossroads,” Kuduz explains.

This is not the only product that Kuduz makes, and up until today, he made various items and ornaments.

“A good idea is enough, accompanied by skilled hands, and the product is there. I think that Gorazde can do a lot more when it comes to New Year’s atmosphere. They do not need some enormous amounts of money to spend on holiday decorations. I have another idea for the next New Year, which I especially want to make for children, and the New Year to be more beautiful and entertaining. And now I’m sorry that I did not make bobsled this year as well,” he concludes.

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