Association GS1 in BiH in Regular Annual Forum of International Organizations of GS1

Association GS1 participated in the regular annual Forum of International Organizations of GS1, which was held in Brussels last week. The achievements and results of GS1 were presented, together with 92 GS1 organizations and more than 625 representatives.

The General Director of the International GS1 organization Miguel Angel Lopera congratulated the GS1 Association from BiH for its visible progress that they achieved last year in the implementation of GS1 standards in BiH.

He also welcomed the progress in improving information quality and legalization of bar codes with a prefix 387 that companies from BiH use.

The Director of GS1 Association Saliha Osmanagić received a confirmation for future support and help of the International GS1 Association, as well as guidelines for future work, development and progress of GS1 Association.

The main objective of GS1 Association is to lend technical assistance to BiH in order for the country to become involved in modern business processes as soon as possible, and in this way to make up for previous gaps in comparison to neighboring and other European countries.

Lopera expressed his satisfaction for the readiness of inclusion of GS1 Association and solving current problems in the distribution of food and pharmaceutical products.

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