At Riva near Stolac Late Antiquity Complex Discovered

dig-Photo-Sascha-HoffmannIn the area of Riva in the neighborhood Ćemalovi in Stolac municipality, a late antiquity complex has been discovered. Students of Archeology from the Faculty of Philosophy in Mostar have been working for the past three years in uncovering the complex.

According to portal Hum.ba, the Association Vidoštački grad from Stolac initiated archeological works. Ante Vujnović, President of this Association, said that this project was a huge surprise for this municipality, local community and the wider public.

“What we have done in the last three years is a great success. This is phenomenal. We invite people to come, to see that our excavations are not merely on paper, but that with the minimum amount of money and requirements we dug a lot more than was expected”, said Vujnović.

The discovered complex is a real archeological sensation, which indicates that the land in southern Herzegovina still hides many secrets.

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