Ballet Choreographer Belma Ceco Bakrac will be a Member of the Jury of the Competition in Belgium


Ballet choreographer Belma Ceco Bakrac will be a member of the jury of the competition work of the Festi ‘Dance ballet festival in Belgium at the invitation of the organizers of the international festival.

Festi ‘Dance will present numerous ballet performances and projects aimed at artistic encounters and reviving the passion for dance in Belgium and Europe.

During the festival, and with the participation of representative names from the world of ballet art, a competition is organized in cooperation with a large number of theaters, companies and the Ballet Wagan Academy.

The festival will be held in April 2020 in the Belgian city of Namur.

Festi’dance expects more than 1,500 visitors from around the world.

The event consists of workshops, masterclasses, an exhibition, shows, seminars, an audition and a competition.

Workshops and masterclasses will be given by teachers from all over Europe.

The exhibition will feature well-known dance brands as well as schools and boutiques wishing to present themselves at the European level.

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