Band ‘Bolero’ in Sarajevo on 28 June

boleroBand ‘Bolero’ will have a concert on 28 June in Sarajevo club Cinemas , reports

Fans of Bolero will have the opportunity to listen to emotional love songs such as “Jelena”, “Krčmarska Moskva”, “Pismo majci”, “O Jesenjinu’’

Frontman of the band Mišo Bartulica said that after many years the band is coming to Sarajevo and hopes the concert will be great.

Bartulica said that the band is recording a new video for the song ‘Dispertango’ with Mustafa Čizmić, as a singer.

“Iduće godine planiramo završiti i objaviti album “Dispertango”, na kojem će se naći desetak novih pjesama”, kazao je Bartulica.

The band consist of: Mustafa Čizmić – singer, Vedran Kalinić – bass guiar, Dino Olovčić – keyboards, Damir Sinanović Bumbar – drums and Mišo Bartulica – guitar.

The band was formed in the 80ies and their first album was released in 1986, and since then they’ve become quite famous in the former country.

(photo: blogoye)

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