Band ‘Vanja The Frog’ in club ‘Underground’ Sarajevo

vanjathefrogBand from Banja Luka ‘Vanja The Frog’ will perform in the club ‘Underground’ on 17 May, after having a concert in the same club in March.

“Vanja the Frog” band is one of the most successful bands from Banja Luka, with more than 100 performances around BiH. Because of their particular sound, critics call them BIH ‘Nouvelle Vague’.

The singer is Vanja mišić, Sanja Zelić-Čolić at keyboard, Đurica Štula at guitars and Damir Marjanović at drums.

They’ll perform songs by Jinx, Urban, Natali Dizdar, The Cardigans, Letu Štuke, Elemental, Lollobrigida, Laka, Oliver Mandić, Aleksandra Kovač, Bajaga, Amy Winehouse, J.Cash, Lykke Li, Air, Morcheeba, The Noissetes and many others.


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