Bands Sikter and Paranoid Android in Dom Mladih

2Muzicka scena Kaktus (1)After excellent concert of bands Zoster and Polaroid Tri which was held last Friday, as a part of music scene ‘Kaktus’ project, bands Sikter and Paranoid Android will perform this Friday, 17 May in the amphitheatre of Dom Mladih.

The concert will start at 8.30 p.m. and entrance fee is 7 BAM with 2 BAM drink included.

After this concert, next Friday band Killing Jazz Hardcore Baby and DJ crew Kontra DJ will perform.

Music scene ‘Kaktus’ has the aim to incite the development of BiH urban music scene.

With the intention of reviving the tradition of former renowned club ‘Kaktus’ which existed until 1992 as a part of Dom Mladih, where many BiH bands performed, in the period to come 14 concerts will be held every Friday with well-known BiH musicians, but also bands of the new generation.

Sponsors of the project are Sarajevsko Pivo, Coca-Cola and Jaegermeister, Antena Sarajevo and

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