Beautiful View from Sedrenik will take your Breath away (gallery)

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]Sarajevo neighborhood Sedrenik is located in the northeastern part of the city and it belongs to 2 municipalities: Stari Grad and Centar. Sedrenik is one of the most famous neighborhoods in the capital of B&H, and its authenticity is attracting large number of tourists every year.

Besides the original construction that can be seen on Sedrenik, some of the most famous picnic sites of Sarajevo are placed in this part of the city as well such as: Barice, Čavljak and Bukovik.

Sedrenik existed as early as during the Ottoman period, and the road was expanded and adapted for the purposes of car traffic during the Austro-Hungarian period. Old writings say that it was named after the spring Sedrenik and it received its status of the street back in 1921.

According to the latest information, it is estimated that around 3,500 residents live on Sedrenik, who started to settle in intensively after World War II. There are several famous historic buildings on Sedrenik: Small Tower (within the Memorial Park Grdonj), Large Tower, the Spring Sedrenik, Panjina Tower, and 2 fountain – view points (Sedrenik and Zmajevac).

Take a look at Sedrenik and its beautiful views in our photo gallery.


(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba/ photo radiosarajevo, panoramio)

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