”Let’s do it” action will be held on 18 May

Around 100 000 from all over BiH will participate in the ”Let’s do it” action in order to clean BiH of garbage for one day. The action will be held on 18 May.

It is the largest volunteer action in the history of BiH dedicated to cleaning of illegal landfills and it will be done in one day. The volunteers will also clean green spaces and other parts of nature. This is the second time the project is being realized in BiH, and last year 37 500 citizens participated in this global action.

President of the Association of Citizens ”Ruke” which will implement the action Božidar Mihajlović said that this action united all citizens of BiH, and more than 5 500 tons of garbage were collected, and added that this year’s aim is 20 000 tons of garbage.

BiH authorities have also recognised this action and have supported the young people.

FBiH Assistant minister for Environment Mehmed Cero said that he hopes that BiH will be in a similar situation as Slovenia, which has no garbage to clean.

The action will start on 18 May at 10 a.m., and on that occasion Laka i Lela and Elvis J Kurtovich had a promotional concert in Cinemas-ex Sloga, which was held last night.

Laka i Lela and Elvis J Kurtovich had an excellent concert and thus contributed to promotion of ”Let’s do it” action.

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