B&H Adopted Action Plan to Implement UN Resolution 1325

poslovne-zeneOn the second day of the International Conference ‘Empowering Women and Civil Society in the Mediterranean’, the Director of the Agency for Gender Equality in B&H Samra Filipović-Hadžiabdić, in her opening address, spoke of the examples of successful implementation of UN Resolution 1325 in B&H.

She emphasized that B&H is one of the leading countries not only in the region but beyond when it comes to implementation of UN Resolution 1325, which is the best means for the introduction of gender equality, and it is the obligation of all states as well as a chance to ensure stability and introduce long-term and sustainable change.

‘’The B&H action plan for the implementation of this resolution from 2010-2013 was adopted by the B&H Council of Ministers as the first action plan to implement the resolution in South East Europe. B&H is the eight country in Europe and the 24th country in the world that adopted the action plan’’, said Filipović-Hadžiabdić.

The plan is focused on the contribution of women in strengthening and maintaining peace in post-war B&H and through intensive regional and international cooperation tries to influence the strengthening of stability in the region, and some of the goals are the increased participation of women in decision-making processes, increasing the number of women in military and police structures, deming, support to war victims, etc.

As part of the second day of the conference, there will be presentations on the topics ‘Women in Business’, ‘Women in Media’, How to Fight Against Violence’, and ‘Femal Entrepreneurs-Success Stories’.

The conference was organized by the B&H Agency for Gender Equality and the B&H Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees in cooperation with the US-B&H Foundation and the Center for Transantlantic Relations.

This international conference will end tomorrow and includes the participation of 16 countries.

(Source: Avaz)

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