B&H Agency for Statistics- The Submission of the Census Materials to the Center in East Sarajevo Started

popisni_materijalIn accordance with the plan, the delivery of the census materials from the field to the central processing place has started and this center under the census law  is located in East Sarajevo. The submission and storage of census materials must be completed by 25th October.

B&H Agency for statistics in cooperation with the entity institutes, through a public call, hired operators to perform the submission, recording and storage of census materials.

These candidates will be hired for nine months, with a monthly payment of 400 BAM plus other costs that will be defined in the contract.

For the purposes of data processing 298 people will be employed, from a 9 to 15 month contract. All  the candidates will undergo a written test and the candidate selection will be based on the test results and in accordance with Article 19 of the census on ethnic composition of the staff working on the input, processing and control of the census data.

The Directorate for Coordination of B&H Police Bodies is responsible for the safety of census materials at the census commissions of local governments, for distribution and safety of the Center in East Sarajevo until the end of this activity on 1st July 2016.

(Source: Fena)

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