BH Company HIK to construct a Factory in Sanski Most soon

The construction of a factory that will be dealing with the production and commissioning of electric cables will start in the village of Zden, near Sanski Most, on a locality that used to belong to Wood Industry “Sana”.

The investor of this project is German company “HIK GmbH”, which purchased the land at the aforementioned location, and they are planning to employ 100 people in this production facility.

It is planned for all necessary construction works to be completed by January next year when test production should start. According to Ejub Topic, who is responsible for all activities related to the establishment of a new company HIK-SM on behalf of German investor, there are already five workers in the process of training in Germany and 15 more will be sent to additional trainings.

“These 20 employees will make the very basis of the company, and we will add 10 more people in December and start with the production in January next year. We are planning to employ 50 people by the end of next year, i.e. the total of 100 workers. It is interesting that two-thirds of the total number of our employees will be women,” said Topic.

“We are very happy to see that our local community is recognized by investors as an environment suitable for investment, start-ups or business expansions. The best evidence for the development of production is the fact that the consumption of industrial electricity in relation to the previous period was increased by 30 %,” stated Hasanbegovic.


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