B&H Minister of Communications and Transport Spoke With Ambassador of Italy to B&H Ruggero Corrias Today

koridor_5c_090113B&H Minister of Communications and Transport Damir Hadžić spoke with the Ambassador of Italy to B&H Ruggero Corrias in Sarajevo today on the prospects for cooperation between the two countries on infrastructure projects, with a particular emphasis on the construction of connecting roads and highways on Corridor 5C, pan-European travel transversals connecting Italy and the Ukraine.

Minister Hadžić spoke to Ambassador Corrias about the existing state of infrastructure projects in B&H, and the measures of the Ministry of Communications and Transport of B&H in order to accelerate the construction. He spoke of the importance of the construction of the highway for the economic development of B&H and society as a whole.

‘’Regarding B&H, the B&H Ministry of Communications and Transport primarily conducts activities that are in the interests of B&H citizens, such as development of road infrastructure. Discussions with partners and potential partners on infrastructure projects in B&H can significantly contribute to the realization of the set of priorities, and which would include partners from Italy with whom we can establish intensive cooperation and in other areas, which will be discussed at the next meeting at the ministerial level in Rome’’, said Minister Hadžić.

Ambassador Corrias said that the opportunities for cooperation in the area of infrastructure exist, particularly the construction of roads and highways, which is a natural point of investment of Italy and B&H. He said that these are long-term projects that should be started immediately.

‘’The upcoming visit to Rome by Minister Hadžić will be an opportunity for consideration of these perspectives at the state level’’, said Ambassador Corrias and added that discussions have to focus on possible modalities of future cooperation, including the promotion of public-private partnership.

(Source: klix.ba)

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