B&H Olympic Committee Provided 500.000 BAM in Scholarships for Athletes

rio 2016On the premises of the B&H Olympic Committee, stipends were awarded to potential candidates for the first phase of preparations and qualifications for the Olympic Games ‘Rio 2016’.

In the first phase of stipends, five athletes were support: Laris Cerić (judo), Hamza Alić (athletics), Džemal Bošnjak (boxing), Amel Mekić (judo), Ivana Ninković (swimming), who will receive 800 BAM a month. The B&H Olympics Committee, in addition to these five candidates, will award athlete Kemal Mešić in the amount of 1000 BAM, as another serious contender for the Olympic Games ‘Rio 2016’.

After the expiration of this type of scholarship, the B&H Olympics Committee will, with the help of Olympic Solidarity, continue with stipends for around 10 of the best athletes for the Olympics Games, with an increased stipend for a period of two years until the beginning of the Olympic Games.

Even if the Olympic Committee is not responsible for financing athletes, around 500.000 BAM will be given to the best athletes as direct assistance for the training process, development and realization of standards.

(Source: klix.ba)

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