The NU Breed Tour Caravan: Biggest Hardcore Event in B&H Ever

madballOn 13 October 2013, Sarajevo will be the host of an unbelievable music spectacle because a caravan of some of the best hardcore bands will arrive to the capital city of B&H, the Nu Breed Tour led by new York hardcore legends Madball.

Organized by HHxHC Booking and SMF Promotions, Madball will return to Sarajevo in order to repeat and re-create a fantastic atmosphere, for which they are remembered for at their first Sarajevo concert. The legendary New York hardcore band, led by the charismatic Freddy Cricien will return this time with friends: Belgian NASTY, Australian DEEZ NUTS, and British Your Demise.

Their music can be characterized as modern hardcore, but there are a fair number of moments that recall the school of hardcore punk from a transition from the 80’s to the 90’s, a nice combination for lovers of various rhythms provided by hardcore. This is probably the last chance to watch Your Demise live, since they announced their concerned until March 2014, when they will stop performing.

(Source: Facebook)

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