BHGas claims Annex signed made the Cost of Gas for Bosnia higher by Three Million Dollars

After the director of “Energoinvest” Bisera Hadzialjevic stated that in the first three months it was paid almost 3 million dollars more than before because they did not switch to “Turkish Stream” from January 1st, the company “BH Gas” reacted, emphasizing that she signed an annex which made the cost higher.

“The cost of purchased gas for January 2021 due to non-transition to ‘Turkish Stream’ was higher by 1.073.227 US dollars. When it comes to the cost of purchased gas for February 2021, also due to the non-transition to ‘Turkish Stream’, its cost was higher by 937.701 US dollars. For the last month (March), that cost was higher by 987.800 US dollars. In total, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) paid 2.998.729 US dollars more for gas that went through the Hungarian route in the previous three months than it would have paid the same amount if it had switched to the ‘Turkish Stream’ as early as January 1st, 2021. In my opinion, that information is really devastating, ” Hadzialjevic said yesterday.

‘BH Gas’ said that they could not believe “how ‘blind’ Mrs. Hadzialjevic was”.

“It is shown by the fact that the annex with ‘Gazprom Export’ was signed by Hadzialjevic and thus she specified that in the first three months the handover of gas will be through the Hungarian route. If that is a devastating fact for her, then you can imagine what a surprise this is for ‘BH Gas’ “, they noted from that company.

As they said, Hadzialjevic signed the mentioned annex, and voluntarily agreed to pay more.

”She is now expressing astonishment at what she has signed. ‘BH-Gas’ did not sign that so we ask all investigative bodies to handle these 3.000.000 dollars that ‘Energoinvest’ agreed to,” as was stated in the statement signed by the director of “BH Gas,” Jasmin Salkic, BHRT writes.


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