BiH among the top 25 Book Markets in the World!

More than 1.6 million books have been published in the world in the last two years, and half of them was published in two countries, the US and China. However, our country managed to get in the top 25 book markets.

According to the world media, the Chinese have published 28 % and Americans 20 % of all books that were published in the year of 2015. A total of 470,000 new books were published in China, and 339,000 books in the US.

The UK is the third in the list with a total of 173,000 books, and it is followed by France with 106,800 books and Germany with 89,500 books.

BiH is also in the list with 2,800 new books, and we are followed by Iceland with 900 books and Kenya with 500 books.

BiH published 731 books per million citizens, which placed us in the list before Sweden, Argentine, Finland, Japan, Belgium, Brazil, China, Thailand, Philippines and Kenya.

(Source: klix.ba)


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