BiH exported 12 % more Milk and Dairy Products in 2017 than a Year before

Export of milk and dairy products from BiH amounted to 76 million BAM in the year of 2017 and it represents an increase by 12 % in comparison to the previous year, as stated by the director of the Sector of Economy at the Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH, Ognjenka Lalovic.

On the other side, imports amounted to a total of 142 million BAM and they are by 13.5 % lower than in the year of 2016, stated Lalovic.

“Fermented dairy products, which include yogurt and whey, make 11 % of total exports, and they are followed by cheese (9 %), and butter (2%),” said Lalovic.

When we take a look at the individual country partners, Montenegro is still in the first place as an export market with 32 % or 24 million BAM of the total export of milk and dairy products during the last year.

When it comes to the structure of imports, cheese is in the dominating position with 52 %, and it is followed by milk and cream with 20 %, yogurt with 18 %, and butter with 10 %.

Lalovic also noted that, unlike exports that our country mostly achieves with CEFTA countries, the markets from which BiH mostly import are Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, and Serbia.

The analysis of the structure of dairy products that were exported in the year of 2017 shows that about 90 % of exports are based on liquid dairy products, which have a limited potential for export due to their expiration date and the cost of transport.







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