BiH and Serbian Prosecutors Office on War Crimes

Delegation of BiH Prosecutors Office, led by State Prosecutor Goran Salihović will speak today with the prosecutor for war crimes from Serbia Vladimir Vukčević on specific cases of war crimes, said ‘Tanjug’ agency.

These are cases that can be outsourced to the other side in accordance with the Protocol on Cooperation in the prosecution of perpetrators of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide, according to the Serbian war crimes prosecution.

This is the first meeting after the signing of the Protocol in Brussels on 31 January of this year, which established the legal framework for direct cooperation of the two Prosecutors offices, said in a statement from the Prosecutor’s office and that BiH representatives have left for Serbia.

Vukčević and the Deputy Chief Prosecutor of BiH Jadranka Lokmić Misirača signed on 31 January in Brussels an agreement on the exchange of information and evidence.

Vukčević said that after the signing of the Protocol is a big step towards the rule of law and reconciliation in the region.

‘’This is a big step towards justice for victims of war crimes, rule of law and reconciliation’’, said Vukčević after the ceremony.

The chief prosecutor in the Hague Serge Brammertz announced then that the agreement would eliminate many misunderstandings between BiH and Serbia in relation to war crimes investigations and it involves an important step towards the road to justice for war crimes victims during the 1990’s.

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