BiH Authorties warn against possible Flooding

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Federal Administration of Civil Protection (FUCZ) issued an alert on Friday, warning citizens on possible floods in the following days, according to FUCZ’s official social account.

More intensive rainfall is expected from May 12-17, during which 80 to 130 liters of rain is expected to fall in one-meter square, FUCZ said in a statement, adding that almost all levels of rivers in the Federation, one of the entities, are expected to rise.

Director of Federal Hydrometeorological Institute (FHMZ) Almir Bijedic said that, due to snow melting, a saturation of soil with water, and increased rainfall, the population can expect floods.

The highest water level increase is expected in the northwest and central area of the country, with numerous landslides and escarpments, according to the director of Geology Institute of BiH Ferid Skopljak who attended the meeting.

It was decided that all available personnel and techniques of the Public Safety Department will be on call duties as of Saturday and in standby ready for action.

BiH’s Ministry of Security informed all institutions of protection and rescue in BiH and international partners, on rainfall that could cause floods in the country.

The notification is also addressed to country’s Ministry of Defense and to Emergency Response Coordination Center of the European Commission, Xinhua reports.

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