BiH company presents Vampire Gun at the World’s largest Military Equipment Fair in Abu Dhabi

At the world’s largest military equipment fair in Abu Dhabi, for the second time, the booth of Technical remodeling Bratunac was also presented.

The International Defense Fair brought together thousands of participants who exhibited a large number of equipment and weapons.

“From the production line, we decided to introduce some of which we are particularly proud of. We presented our gun RS9 Vampire (9mm), the new humanitarian demining machine MH-17, which has made a great breakthrough, both in efficiency and design. Visitors will also see the line for ammunition production, mobile security systems, mobile electricity and water production systems, radar systems, access control systems that are in the spirit of modern technology and new findings from that area, “said TRB for Infobirac.net.

This year, TRB made a Despot armored vehicle and a Vampire gun.

(Photo: biznisinfo)

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