BiH Council of Ministers to hold a Session Tomorrow

council-of-ministersTomorrow, BiH Council of Ministers will consider the Proposal on decision on repealing the Decision on the procedure of exercising the right to compensation during extended employment status of elected persons and appointed officials in the institutions of BiH.

A draft agreement on the implementation of the Interreg MED 2014- 2020, Proposal of Decision on establishing the amount of financial compensation for the members and the Secretary of the Committee for Airspace Management of BiH and Information on the adoption and implementation of the Decision on the usage of funds for the loan Agreement for the project of reconstruction of housing units for displaced persons, will be discussed as well.

Moreover, the following topics will be discussed as well: Information on the activities on the implementation of the Agreement on Succession Issues of former Yugoslavia in 2016, Information on implementation of “Perspective” program of transition and care for discharged personnel and policy implementation of mental health and psychosocial assistance to the Ministry of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Armed forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2016, and rating of justification of participation of the Armed forces of BiH in the training missions of the European Union in the Central African Republic.

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