BiH gets Millions from the Property of the Former Yugoslavia in the World

The 20th meeting of the Joint Committee of Representatives of the Successor States for the Distribution of Diplomatic Property of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY) was held in Sarajevo last week, during which Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) also received a certain amount of money from the sale and distribution of the former state’s property.

This meeting was attended by authorized representatives of the successor states, Petar Uzorinac for the Republic of Croatia, Slavica Jelaca for the Republic of Serbia, Borco Damjanov for the Republic of North Macedonia, and Jozef Drofenik for the Republic of Slovenia.

The delegation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of BiH was led by the Acting Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of BiH and the authorized representative for the implementation of Annex B of the Agreement on Succession Issues, Bakir Sadovic.

The process of the joint sale of successor states for the remaining two facilities, the embassy and residence of the former SFRY in Bern, as well as the Permanent Mission of the former SFRY to the United Nations (UN) in New York, has begun.

“After the completion of all necessary procedures for making decisions on the sale of facilities and the consent of the Council of Ministers of BiH to conclude sales contracts, BiH will be paid funds in the total value of about 15.5 million BAM, which is in accordance with a determined percentage defined by the agreement, ” it was announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

By signing the Resolution for BiH, but also for other successor states, a very important issue of the division of large complexes from the former SFRY in Brazil and New Delhi was resolved.

How do states distribute property?

According to Annex B of the Succession Agreement, a rule on the proportional division of state property was adopted by following the 1983 Vienna Convention.

The division of diplomatic property was confirmed on the basis of parameters on individual division so that the building of the SFRY embassy in London belonged to BiH, the building in Paris to Croatia, and the building of the Consulate General to North Macedonia.

Namely, the general distribution of the diplomatic property of the SFRY was determined so that BiH got 15 percent of the property, Croatia 23.5 percent, North Macedonia 8 percent, Slovenia 14 percent, and the then SFRY 39.5 percent.

BiH and North Macedonia received a larger share compared to other successor states, Klix.ba writes.


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