BiH marked its National Day at EXPO 2020 in Dubai

Today, Bosnia and Herzegovina marked its National Day at EXPO 2020 in Dubai, and after the ceremony, Denis Zvizdic, Chairman of the House of Representatives of the BiH Parliament, addressed the media.

According to Zvizdic, our country should be presented in the best light at all fairs around the world, and it was especially important to present itself at the World Exhibition in Dubai, where over 190 countries are represented.

“This is the right place to present cultural-historical, business, tourist and other possibilities, but also to present the vision of the future of BiH. By the end of March, businessmen will come here who will be able to present what we as a country have to offer. Investors have great chances in the transport sector, energy, metal and wood industry, agriculture, food industry, tourism sector, etc. We have good projects and I am sure that the coming months and years will mean the realization of many of them. what we have to do is to welcome those investors completely administratively ready “, said Zvizdic.

The goal of BiH’s presentation at EXPO 2020, as Prime Minister of Canton Sarajevo, Edin Forto said, is to enable the business community to make contacts with potential investors. By the end of March, he added, the BiH business community will be able to “get the best out of everything”.

“EXPO is today the center of the world, especially when it comes to innovation, investment and technology, and the goal of our performance is to restore the old splendor of our country. We have incredible resources for investment, but our most valuable resource is man, whom we put here focus “, Canton Sarajevo minister of economy Adnan Delic pointed out, adding that he believes that businessmen from BiH who have come now, but also those who are yet to come, will have the opportunity to create a better future.

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